LifeVantage Rise AM & Reset PM System + Protandim Tri-Synergizer Stack

Get triple the activation to fight signs of aging with Protandim® Tri-Synergizer combined with an optimal foundation of nutrition for total-body wellness with the LifeVantage® Rise AM™ & Reset PM™ System. *

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As years pass and effects of daily life add up, your body’s natural processes that keep you feeling youthfully vibrant can start to slow down. Help revitalize your health and maximize activation of your body’s age-fighting abilities with Protandim Tri-Synergizer. To optimize activation, give your cells the foundation of micronutrients needed to power those processes with the LifeVantage Rise AM & Reset PM System. Made with Timewise Nutrient Delivery™, this powerful duo gives you the right nutrients to support cell communication and gene activation, in the right amounts to promote real health benefits, and at the right time to sync with your daily rhythms. Tri-Synergizer and Rise AM & Reset PM are scientifically shown to work better when used together. So, feel the difference of complete nutrition and total activation with sustained energy during the day, calm relaxation at night, and all-day support for vibrant health.*

Supplementation Supports Activation: The Results
An in-house cell study found that using the Rise AM & Reset PM System supports enhanced activation of key enzymes targeted by Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer, Dual Synergizer, and Tri-Synergizer. These results showed a 68% increase in sirtuin expression with Tri-Synergizer, demonstrating how proper supplementation supports optimal activation.*

In a consumer trial, participants already taking Protandim Synergizers were asked to use the Rise AM & Reset PM System for 90 days. Here are the results (Individual results may vary):
• 23% increase in mental energy*
• 27% increase in physical energy*
• 25% increase in alertness*
• 32% improvement in mood*
• 37% increase in ability to relax*
• 34% improvement in stress relief at night*
• 43% increase in waking refreshed in the morning*

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