LifeVantage TrueScience TrueHydrate Brightening Moisturizer

A brightening moisturizer that hydrates and visibly smooths to give you radiant, deeply nourished, age-defying skin.

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Unlock the Power of Radiance
Experience youthful-looking radiance by addressing spots naturally caused by age and environmental factors. With a single product, you can brighten, moisturize, and combat signs of aging for visibly smooth, dewy, and youthful-looking skin. After day 1, TrueHydrate provides hydration equivalent to 2 weeks’ topical application of hyaluronic acid. You’ll notice enhanced brightness and luminosity in 7 days, and visible reduction in age spots with continued use.* Leave your skin supple and smooth with this hydrating, yet light and non-greasy moisturizer.

Brighten. Hydrate. Rejuvenate.
TrueHydrate brings you brighter, hydrated skin and addresses the primary causes of hyperpigmentation in 3 distinct ways: Rainbow algae extract reduces the appearance of existing dark spots for a more even skin tone. The highly stable form of vitamin C combats the emergence of future dark spots and supports the appearance of brighter, more radiant skin. Plantain leaf extract helps rejuvenate and strengthen skin, leading to a more even-toned, brighter complexion. Recent research has revealed its ability to visibly fade the signs of aging skin.


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